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About Us

About Us

Join us at the biggest event IIT Dharwad's ever had, hosted by the OSS

What is OSS?
OSS (Open Student Society), as the name suggests, is an open source coding society established in IIT Dharwad.
Want to know more about OSS? Click here.
What change OSS wants to bring about?
We want to make coding accessible to everyone, so that they learn seamlessly and hopefully contribute their best (even if it's just 2 lines of code) to open source projects. This way, both the individual and open source projects benefit.
Check out our first ever open source event, Summer of Innovation, which took place in Summer of '19 and brought about some exotic contributions to a wide range of projects here.
Hyped much? Want to join in?
You can drop us an email at oss@iitdh.ac.in and we'll add you to the official group.
A still from last year's DevHack, First Edition